Hammer and Forge Brewing Co.

The logo is a mixture of looking at a beer bottle top and a gear. The fire and hammers represent the forge the beers are brewed and created in reflecting that quality takes time and knowledge. There is the full detailed logo that has the words hand crafted in Boones Mill, VA in basic black. Color isn’t needed and the logo is more of a heavy hand stamp that harks from the olden days. Then there is just the font logo with the arched rectangle. The simple font logo is unique and can stand on its own as a recognizable brand, with still having the look of a hand made, constantly creating force. Hammer and Forge Brewing Co. started off as a small dream and a sketch from the owner. The original sketch is included below. We took his very specific idea and turned it into a solid, strong mark that reflects well on his company. It has continued to grow into a full fledged brewing destination for the locals.
  •  Original Sketch from Owner

    Original Sketch from Owner

  •  Logo Comp Ideas

    Logo Comp Ideas

  •  Final Logo

    Final Logo

  •  Fire pit

    Fire pit

  •  Hammer and Forge Logo Mugs

    Hammer and Forge Logo Mugs

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  •  Blue Lakes

    Blue Lakes

  •  Tap Takeover Poster

    Tap Takeover Poster

  •  Hammer and Forge Sign

    Hammer and Forge Sign

  •  Birthday Bash Poster

    Birthday Bash Poster

  •  Inside Hammer and Forge Brewing Co.

    Inside Hammer and Forge Brewing Co.

  •  Dirty Myrtle

    Dirty Myrtle

  •  Duke of Wittelsbach

    Duke of Wittelsbach

  •  Elder Mountain

    Elder Mountain

  •  Hammer Smash

    Hammer Smash

  •  Kellen's Kilt

    Kellen's Kilt

  •  Uncommon Valor

    Uncommon Valor

  •  Lawless Kolsh

    Lawless Kolsh